Water Powered Car Run Your Car On Water.Hydrogen Car DIY Guide HHO Fuel Car

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If I told you your car could run on tap water, you would probably call me crazy, however that is exactly what I am about to tell you (sorta). Got your attention? Now for the whole amazing story:

Convert Your Car On Water

Did you know that you can convert your car to a water-burning car? You can run your car on water, supplemental to gasoline, to increase your car's fuel efficiency and reduce your fuel costs significantly.

Works on gas or diesel powered cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs. (Not tested on hybrids)

Your car will become at least 40 more fuel efficient and produce cleaner emissions.

Convert your car for the lowest price. Similar conversion kits cost up to $600 and up!

Works with plain tap water. No need for distilled water or special water additives!

We've simplified the process. The steps are easy, and the materials are affordable.

STOP Spending $1,200 or More Every Year on WASTED Fuel

STOP Emitting Heat and Pollution into The Air You Breathe...

START Enjoying a Smooth, Quiet Ride & Longer Engine Life!

START a Stealth Attack on Crazy Gas Prices And even EARN

The Water Car - Is it Ever Possible?

People see cars as ultimate necessities. Who would not wish for his own car when in fact it is really hard to commute on a day to day basis? However, because of the escalating demand for cars, the price of gas which is very much significant to fuel these vehicles also rises. Are you not getting tired of the continuous changes in the cost of gas? More so, a recent innovation called water energy has been found out to bear the capacity of making cars operate. Yes, you got it right! You can run your car on water!

Is it unbelievable? The media has been quite attentive to this discovery as several video clips and news bits have been aired by numerous television channels, broadsheets have printed out the news, and the radio networks have likewise highlighted it and yet, the people remain a bit skeptical about its truth. Accept it. Water energy can thus be possibly generated.

Cars run when there is an energy supplied to its overall system. Moreover, the society has been accustomed to using fossil fuel to energize these vehicles. On the other hand, water is most popularly known by the term "hydro-power". China had already introduced its hydro-powered generator in the past years and it had been widely accepted by the public. Needless to say, it is high time that all and sundry must realize the truth to the usefulness of water in running a car.

A group of scientists had concerted their efforts of unearthing the possibility of generating water fuel and luckily, their efforts had paid off after a span of twenty years. They uncovered that with the use of the so called electrolysis, water can thus be transformed into a flammable gas that is known as Oxyhydrogen. Surprisingly, cars can utilize water energy in its general function with the electrolysis method applied to the battery and engine.

Here are some insights that would convince you that you can indeed make your car run with the use of water.

First and foremost, its possibility can never be questioned since water itself is a molecule thereby its element components may be rearranged through the employment of electricity. Hence, the electricity present in the car battery will be used to rearrange the molecule of water and convert it to Brown's gas or Oxyhydrogen.

Then, if you try to look deeper into the application of the so called Oxyhydrogen, you will find out that your car's engine can definitely produce a flammable gas out of water. Furthermore, you will have to bear such a low cost.

Lastly, Oxyhydrogen is nowadays used in several applications and industrial fields such as in cutting glass and in welding metals. Thus, water energy can surely make a car move.

The great part is that it is not difficult to convert your car into a water powered vehicle. You can do it yourself in some easy steps. You will be taken by the hand and walked through the whole process step by step in this amazing guide.

Overall, today's technology has gone a long way. Who would ever imagine that this thing can be made possible? Certainly not those who lived in the primitive age! But, you are enveloped in such a modern world so believe it or not, you can run your car on water!


Build and install a low-cost, pollution free, alternative method for running your vehicle (internal combustion) engine on TAP WATER. This efficient system converts ordinary tap water into gaseous Hydrogen and Oxygen, and then burns these vapors in the engine in place of gasoline.
This 'minisystem' runs easily from your existing battery and electrical system, and plugs into your carburetor with simple off-the-shelf components.

Do-it-yourself plans come complete with diagrams and schematics for easy construction and installation.

Convert Your Car TODAY to Run on Water and gas to save over 40 on fuel costs!

Would you like to find out how to run your vehicle on water and stop wasting money on gas?

This do-it-yourself conversion guide is very affordable and EASY with step-by-step instructions.

The conversion WILL NOT void your warranty because it is 100 reversible! It's easy to install and remove.

Do-It-Yourself Guide

Do-it-yourself plans allow the individual (that's you and me, folks) to make a difference. This is the easiest and lowest-cost way to convert your car to run on (relatively) free energy.

Our easy conversion guide will show you how to use electricity from your car's battery to separate water into a gas called HHO (2 Hydrogen + 1 Oxygen). HHO, also called Brown's Gas or Hydroxy, burns smoothly and provides significant energy while the end product is just H2O! HHO provides the atomic power of Hydrogen, while maintaining the stability of water.

Now, with existing technology, anyone can stand up and make a difference by reducing the local automotive pollution, eliminate gasoline expenses, help restore our atmosphere, and breathe a little easier.

Can Water Really Power a Car?

The answer is YES, ABSOLUTELY! We have made the technology to build a water-burning hybrid easy and affordable.

Water can be used to fuel a car when used as a supplement to gasoline. In fact, very little water is needed! only one quart of water provides over 1800 gallons of HHO gas which can literally last for months and significantly increase your vehicle's fuel efficiently, improve emissions quality, and save you money.

Thousands of successful water-conversions around the world are proof that this technology works and will soon catch on! Some industry insiders say its just a matter of time before this water-burning technology will be standard in new automobiles. One expert estimates most cars will be using this technology by 2012, but until the auto manufacturers catch up, you can use this technology for yourself today at a very reasonable set-up cost.

How Much Does it Cost?

The conversion guide is on sale today and all of the raw materials cost less than $150 and are easy to find at your local hardware and auto-parts stores. Once you get the conversion set-up, you can even start converting your friends' and family's cars and help them spend less money on gas.

The guide includes detailed instructions that are very easy to follow and offer the best value and performance available anywhere.

We encourage you to help other people set-up their own conversions with our information! After all, The more cars we can get running on less fuel, the better for our environment.

How Does The System Works?

Exceedingly simple. Water is pumped as needed to replenish and maintain the liquid level in the chamber. The electrodes are vibrated with a 0.5-5A electrical pulse which breaks 2(H2O) => 2H2 + O2. When the pressure reaches say 30-60 psi, you turn the key and go. You step on the pedal, you send more energy to the electrodes, and thus more vapor to the cylinders; i.e. fuel vapor on demand.

You set the idle max-flow rate to get the most efficient use of power, and you're off to the races.

In the big picture, your free energy is coming from the tap water in an open system, as the latent energy in the water is enough to power the engine and hence drive the alternator and whatever belt-driven accessories. And the alternator is efficient enough to run the various electrical loads (10 - 20 amps), including the additional low current to run this vapor reaction. No extra batteries are required.

How To Build & Install The System?

Build and install a low-cost alternative method for running your vehicle (internal combustion engine) on tap water, using off-the-shelf components.

This is simply an efficient way to convert ordinary tap water into gaseous hydrogen and oxygen, and then burn these vapors in the engine, instead of gasoline.

This "minisystem" runs easily from your existing battery and electrical system, and it plugs into your carburetor with simple off-the-shelf fittings.

You will be installing a plastic water tank, a control circuit, a reaction chamber, a hi-pressure carb/FI fitting, and 3 gauges, and then hooking into your existing carb/FI.

The simplicity comes from its being an "on-demand" system requiring no fancy storage or plumbing. You crank the gas pedal or throttle, and you electrically create more vapor for immediate consumption, on demand; low-high flow rate as needed, from idle to maximum power. The only real change is that you are using tap water as fuel, instead of the traditional petroleum-based fuel.

How Safe is it?

The process is very safe because the combustible gas is extracted as needed and burned steadily from the water, unlike larger volumes of pure hydrogen which are highly flammable.


Our set-up produces hydrogen as your car needs it, rather than using storage tanks. Thousands of cars have been safely converted without any issues or incidents.

Best of all, this conversion process is completely reversible so it will not void your auto manufacturers warranty. It simply acts as an add-on to significantly increase your fuel efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it really work ?
A: Yes; this is well-established technology dating back to stainless steel. But be sure to follow the instructions in the guide using the proper mechanical and electrical assembly techniques, as this plan incorporates the best qualities of several techniques.

Q: How does it qualify as "free energy"?
A: If you're paying someone for the water you use, then it is not strictly free. But the alternative is to keep buying into expensive gasoline and its resultant hydrocarbon pollution.

Q: Is it safe?
A: Technically, it is safer than running on fossil fuel because you are no longer choking on your own emissions (health-wise). In general, it is practically as safe as your current gasoline arrangement. You will be installing a few simple safety devices, using current automotive standards.

Q: What kind of performance can I expect?
A: Properly adjusted, your modified vapor-only fuel system will run cooler, and at a modestly higher power level. The mileage performance expected from this design ranges from 50-300 mpg (of water), depending on your adjusting skills.

Q: Can I do the modification myself?
A: Why not? If you don't have any mechanical skills, and you know someone with basic mechanical and/or electrical skills, you can even delegate some of the construction. If you are using a fuel-injected engine, you may have to get a mechanic's opinion. (There will have to be an adapter inserted into the fuel-injection system, just as you would have to do if you were going to run on propane, hydrogen, or natural gas.)

Q: What is the environmental impact that my vehicle will have?
A: It will be producing H20 steam (water vapor) and unburned O2 (Oxygen). Hence, it will be cleaning the environment, rather than dumping nauseous toxins into it. Plus you will be helping to save our dwindling supply of atmospheric oxygen. Any excess vapor in the reaction becomes either steam or oxygen. You can also expect to be receiving more than casual interest from those around you.

Q: Isnt this really a steam engine?
A: No. Really. Exceedingly high temperature and pressure are not used. This is strictly an internal-combustion engine (burning orthohydrogen) with residual steam in the exhaust as a by-product.

Plus A Bunch Of Bonuses

You don't just get the Do-It-Yourself guide You will also get the following bonuses

Bonus #1: How To Maximize Your Tax Write-Off

You will learn how to get your water car costs back from the IRS - as you deserve. Why do you deserve to get your money back? For your pretty eyes? No. Because by driving a "green" car - or even more so for a green truck or fleet of trucks - you'll be actually HELPING NATIONAL ECONOMY by reducing our costs on pollution, hospitals, sick days, and national debt for imported oil - not to mention the painful price of economic dependability!

Since 2005 the American IRS could not ignore alternative fuel anymore, and started giving considerable rewards for "green" vehicles, green fuels and green upgrades. We will teach you how to maximize your rewards.

Bonus #2: Car Buying Tips

If you are even mildly interested in buying a car, do not step onto the mine field without a training manual. This guide will help you to

Know your reason for buying a car
Different sources for buying a car
Tips about Financing
What should you look for in a used car
What you should know before you sign a contract
Common dealership scams
Avoiding auto refinancing scams
What to look for in a road test
Where to investigate and compare prices
Do not buy a flood damaged car
Buying a car online
Vehicle auctions - a good place to shop?
What you should know about auto service contracts
On the alert for "gas saving" claims
Understanding warranties

All this and much more is waiting for you in Car Buying Tips. A simple title packed full of great information you cant afford to be without.

Bonus #3: Dealing With The Vehicle Computer

You will also receive a complete guide on how to deal with the computer in your car. It is the most important step to run your car on water. If you fail to build a module then you will not be able to adjust the computer of your car that will result in burning more fuel then water. Most e-Book Jockeys do not tell you that as they do not give you the plans to build the module. We include this detailed information in this guide.

On Sale For a Limited Time!

You won't find a better price anywhere else for such a complete and detailed instructions and full illustrations easy enough for even a novice to follow. This technology is used successfully by thousands of satisfied customers.

Once installed, it will save you an average of $110 per month for many years into the future!

That's a savings of well over $1000 per year, every year, for a low one-time payment of just $14.99. The math is real, and so are your savings!

So what are you waiting for? Start Saving Money Today!

This conversion guide works on gas and diesel powered cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, but has not yet been tested on hybrid vehicles The guide is easy to understand - please consult an expert mechanic if you do not have minimal mechanical experience.

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